National Model Railroad Association, Inc. Confidentiality Policy

In order to protect the privacy rights and concerns of our members, it is now NMRA policy that anyone with access to membership information obtained from the national NMRA must agree not to disclose any such information to anyone who is not authorized to have access to the information for official use.
The NMRA is in the process of obtaining permission from each member to disclose his or her personal information to other members, as we have in the past for those wishing to visit or contact other members. Due to changes in the law and increased privacy concerns, we can no longer disclose such information without the consent of the members concerned. Moreover, no information should be disclosed by any NMRA official, elected or appointed, at any level of the NMRA, that would allow those without authorization to obtain personnel information of other members. This would include mass electronic mail distribution with private email addresses in the “to” or “cc” address lines where the information can be read by any recipient.
Currently member information such as name, address, phone number, and email address is made available to each Region membership officer, and is also available to each Region president. Those persons are expected to pass this information along to their Region’s Division superintendents and membership officers so that they can use the information for official business. Welcome letters, re-rail letters, newsletters, meeting notifications and the like would be considered official business. Other official mailings to all Region or Division members are also permitted.
This policy strictly prohibits dissemination of member information to 100% NMRA clubs. Such clubs are not part of the NMRA corporate structure, and the NMRA has no way to control how such information would be used. 100% NMRA clubs are clubs whose members are all members of the NMRA, however, they have no other responsibilities to the NMRA. The NMRA HQ will continue to identify if a person is a member of the NMRA to an NMRA club for purposes of confirmation of the person’s eligibility for membership in the 100% NMRA club. However, we would request the club to first request a copy of the membership card from the prospective member in order to confirm eligibility.
Any NMRA official who passes personal membership information along to non-authorized individuals runs the risk of being held personally legally liable for this action. Moreover, the NMRA insurance does not apply to such disclosures by region or division officers or personnel.
Further updates of this policy will be issued as they are formulated and adopted by the Board of Directors. If you have questions about this policy and how it should be applied, please direct them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to NMRA General Counsel, Robert J. Amsler, Jr., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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