The WISE Division Video Library

As a member of the NMRA you have access to a host of online videos from past National Conventions on a myriad of topics. Head over to the Members Section on the national site, setup your account and start browsing around.

Additionally as an NMRA member you are automatically a member of the WISE Division (assuming you live within our geographic boundaries). One of the several benefits we offer Division members is our video library. This collection is at most meets and members can sign out items from the catalog and return them at the following meet.

Below, current WISE Division members will find the available catalog from which they can borrow:

The DVD library available to NMRA WISE Division members.
# Title Topic
1D American Railroad Collection, Vol. 1 & 2 Promotional, Training
2D High Iron Across the Hoosier State Conrail/Norfolk Southern
3D American Legendary Rail Journeys Rio Grande
4D American Legendary Rail Journeys Way West Odyssey
5D American Legendary Rail Journeys Santa Fe
6D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 48 Ed Lorence
7D Classic St. Louis/Vintage Santa Fe Diesels Fallen Flags
8D Union Pacific Big Boy Collection Union Pacific
9D Steam Across the Pacific Northwest BNSF
10D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 5 Modeling
11D Denver & Rio Grande Western D&RGW
12D Vignettes of the Milwaukee Road, Vol. 1 Clear Block Productions
16D Steam in the Winter Various Steam Locomotives
17D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 49 Stephen & Cinthia Priest
18D Goin' to Kansas City BNSF
19D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 50 Chuck Hitchcock
20D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 52 Chuck Ellis
21D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 51 Ken McCorry
22D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 53 Matt Snell & Debie Baker
23D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 54 Gary Hoover
24D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 55 Jerry Macri
25D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 2 Kalmbach
26D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 3 Kalmbach
27D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 4 Kalmbach
28D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 5 Kalmbach
29D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 6 Kalmbach
30D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 7 Kalmbach
31D Dream-Plan-Build, Realistic Layout Operations Kalmbach
32D Dream-Plan-Build, Big Power Kalmbach
33D Dream-Plan-Build, Horseshoe Curve Kalmbach
34D Building the D & R G Narrow Gauge, Vol. 1 Modeling
35D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 8 Kalmbach
36D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 9 Kalmbach
37D Dream-Plan-Build, F Units in Action Kalmbach
38D Dream-Plan-Build, Railroads and Steel Kalmbach
39D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 56 Cliff Powers
42D Dream-Plan-Build, Doug Tagsold's D&RGW On3 Kalmbach
43D Dream-Plan-Build, Sights & Sounds Sand Patch Kalmbach
44D Dream-Plan-Build, Rochelle Illinois RR Park Kalmbach
45D Dream-Plan-Build, Change in the Tehachapi's Kalmbach
46D Dream-Plan-Build, GM's Geeps Kalmbach
47D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 10 Kalmbach
48D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 57 Jim Hertzog
49D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 58 Howard Zane, part 3
50D The Steam Train Comes to Plymouth Soo Line #1003
51D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 59 Allen Keller, part 2
52D Widescreen K-36 Cab Ride Highball Productions
53D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 11 Kalmbach
54D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 12 Kalmbach
55D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 13 Kalmbach
56D Dream-Plan-Build, B&M New Hampshire Div. Kalmbach
57D Dream-Plan-Build, Winter on Kicking Horse Pass Kalmbach
58D Dream-Plan-Build, The Pokey Kalmbach
59D Dream-Plan-Build, Layouts, Tips and Prototypes Kalmbach
60D Garden Railroad Spectacular Modeling
61D One-Hundred & Fifty Trains A Day Union Pacific
62D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 60 W. Allen McClelland
63D Dream-Plan-Build, UP Over Sherman Hill Kalmbach
64D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 14 Kalmbach
65D Dream-Plan-Build, Railroads and Coal Kalmbach
66D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 61 Harold Werthwein, part 2
67D Dream-Plan-Build, Layouts, Tips, and Prototypes Kalmbach
68D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 15 Kalmbach
69D Dream-Plan-Build, Amazing Alcos Kalmbach
70D Dream-Plan-Build, Powder River: The Orin Line Kalmbach
71D Dream-Plan-Build, Extra Edition Kalmbach
72D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 16 Kalmbach
73D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 62 Rochester Model RR Club
74D Building the D & R G Narrow Gauge, Vol. 2 Modeling
75D Constructing DPM Building Kits Modeling
76D Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery Modeling
78D Running Trains Anatomy of an Operating Session Paul Scoles
79D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 63 Mike Burgett
80D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 17 Kalmbach
81D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 18 Kalmbach
82D Dream-Plan-Build, Vol. 19 Kalmbach
83D Dream-Plan-Build, DCC from Start to Finish Kalmbach
85D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 64 Greeley Museum, part 1
86D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 65 Greeley Museum, part 2
87D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 66 David Holl
88D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 67 Tom Harris, Lakeside Lines
89D Scenery & Airbrushing Made Easy Kalmbach
90D Painting Backdrops Green Frog
91D Scratchbuilding Structures, Vol. 1 Green Frog
92D Styrene - Ideas, Tips & Techniques Dean Freytag
93D Live Steam in Florida 2002 Green Frog
94D Street Running on the City Edge Layout Victor Smith
95D Installing and Blending Photo Mural Backdrops Green Frog
96D Building A Model RR - Design, Benchwork, Track Green Frog
97D Building a Model RR - Wiring, Structures, Cars Green Frog
98D Building a Model RR - Scenery, Operation Green Frog
99D Expanding Your Model Railroad, Part 1 Green Frog
100D Expanding Your Model Railroad, Part 2 Green Frog
101D Expanding Your Model Railroad, Part 3 Green Frog
102D Boston & Maine Green Frog
103D Nickel Plate and Akron, Canton & Youngstown Green Frog
104D California Zephyr - The Ultimate Fan Trip Green Frog
105D Building the D & R G Narrow Gauge, Vol. 3 Modeling
106D Building the D & R G Narrow Gauge, Vol. 4 Modeling
107D D&RGW and the Bumblebee #268 Green Frog
108D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 1 Green Frog
109D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 2 Green Frog
110D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 3 Green Frog
111D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 4 Green Frog
112D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 6 Green Frog
113D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 7 Green Frog
114D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 8 Green Frog
115D Building the Rio Grande Southern, Vol. 9 Green Frog
116D Santa Fe Odyssey, Vol. 1, Part 1 Green Frog
117D Santa Fe Odyssey, Vol. 1, Part 2 Green Frog
118D CSX Toledo Sub, Hamilton-Vandalia, OH, Part 1 Green Frog
119D CSX Toledo Sub, Tipp City-Wapakoneta, OH, 2 Green Frog
120D Wisconsin Central, Northern Lines, Vol. 1 Plets Express
121D Wisconsin Central, Winter in the WC, Vol. 2 Plets Express
122D Wisconsin & Southern Plets Express
123D C&NW in Northwest Wisconsin Plets Express
124D C&NW's Iron Ore Route Plets Express
125D Milwaukee Road Coast Division Green Frog
126D Milwaukee Road Electrics in the Rockies Neff Video
127D 1995 Rio Grande NG Freight Train Oakley
128D 1997 Rio Grande NG Maintenance of Way Train Oakley
129D 1970's-1980's Steam Celebration Green Frog
130D Cass and Mower Logging Railroads Green Frog
131D East Broad Top Green Frog
132D Working on the Railroad Green Frog
133D Big Steam on the Mainline Yard Goat Images
134D Steamin' Summer, Volume 1 Yard Goat Images
135D Steamin' Summer, Volume 2 Yard Goat Images
136D Steamin' Summer, Volume 3 Yard Goat Images
137D Steam: Trackside & Inside Yard Goat Images
138D Wisconsin Steam Stories Yard Goat Images
139D Model Railroading Unlimited Chooch/Kalmbach
140D The Fort Dodge Line - FDDM&S, 1950-1955 C Vision Productions
141D Pennsylvania Railroad Green Frog
142D Florida East Coast Railroad Green Frog
143D Milwaukee Road in the Midwest, Vol. 1 C Vision Productions
144D Wisconsin & Southern, Vol. 1: Northern Division C Vision Productions
145D Wisconsin & Southern, Vol. 2: Southern Division C Vision Productions
146D Railways of Britain, Vol. 1 - Lakes & Dales TeleRail Productions
147D Railways of Britain, Vol. 2 - Scotland TeleRail Productions
148D Railways of Britain, Vol. 3 - The South West TeleRail Productions
149D Railways of Britain, Vol. 4 - The North West TeleRail Productions
150D Railways of Britain, Vol. 5 - Somerset & Dorset TeleRail Productions
151D Railways of Britain, Vol. 6 - London South East TeleRail Productions
152D Railways of Britain, Vol. 7 - North East TeleRail Productions
153D Railways of Britain, Vol. 8 - Wales TeleRail Productions
154D Railways of Britain, Vol. 9 - The Midlands TeleRail Productions
155D Railways of Britain, Vol. 10 - Eastern Counties TeleRail Productions
156D On the Old Milwaukee Road Herron Rail Video
157D Vintage Ore Railroads C Vision Productions
158D Iron Ore Country Prairie Works
159D Taconite Haulers on Minnesota's Mesabi Range Prairie Works
160D The Grayling Steam Special Bent Rail Productions
161D Trains Across the Midwest, Vol. 4 C Vision Productions
162D Trains Across the Midwest, Vol. 5 C Vision Productions
163D Canadian Alco Shortlines Plets Express
164D Iowa Shortlines Plets Express
165D Trains of the Indiana Railroad Plets Express
166D Chinese Steam, Part 1 - Baotou-Shenmu Line John Szwajkart
167D Chinese Steam, Part 2 - Baotou-Shenmu Line John Szwajkart
168D An Introduction to China Rail John Szwajkart
169D Belt Railway of Chicago - Alcos in Action, Part 1 John Szwajkart
170D Belt Railway of Chicago - Alcos in Action, Part 2 John Szwajkart
171D C&NW - Song of the Pioneer C&NWHS
172D C&NW - Rolling the Freight C&NWHS
173D M&StL/CGW - a950's-1960's Railfan Trips C&NWHS
174D Danger Lights (1930) Movie
175D The Silver Streak (1934) Movie
176D Lake Superior & Ishpeming, Vol. 1 Plets Express
177D Lake Superior & Ishpeming, Vol. 2 Plets Express
178D Cumbres & Toltec Gandy Dancer Producitons
179D The Super Chief Sunday River Productions
180D The Return of Milwaukee Road #261 Yard Goat Images
181D D&SNG - Cascade Canyon Winter Train Yard Goat Images
182D Cass Railfan Weekend Yard Goat Images
183D Woodland Scenics - The Clinic Woodland Scenics
184D Empire Builders to Milwaukee Pentrex
185D Chicago Streetcar Memories - The Director's Cut Chicago Transport Memories
186D Norfolk Southern's Heritage Fleet, Vol. 1 C Vision Productions
187D BNSF Along the Route of the Santa Fe, Vol. 3 C Vision Productions
188D BNSF Along the Route of the Santa Fe, Vol. 4 C Vision Productions
189D Santa Fe Salute, Parts 1 and 2 Daylight Productions
190D The Hard Coal Roads - What Went Wrong Charles Smiley Presents
191D Running a Steam Locomotive, Volume 1 After Image
192D Running a Steam Locomotive, Volume 2 After Image
193D Twilight on the Rails - End of an Era in North America White River Productions
194D Mexican Narrow Gauge - Diesels to Horse-Car Lines A & R Productions
195D A 1960's Train Travelogue - from the films of Joe Seidl C Vision Productions
196D Minnesota's Railroads, St. Croix Valley & MN Northern C Vision Productions
197D Minnesota's Railroads, MN Southern & Otter Tail Valley C Vision Productions
198D MN RR, Northern Lines, Cloquet Terminal & NS Scenic C Vision Productions
199D Rio Grande #315 Running Again Railway Productions
200D Narrow Gauge Combo Railway Productions
201D Rails Along the Rolling Prairie - CP's Paynesville Sub. C Vision Productions
202D Minnesota Steam Spectacular C Vision Productions
203D Norfolk Southern's Heritage Fleet, Vol. 2 C Vision Productions
204D Wisconsin and Michigan Memories C Vision Productions
205D Steam into History Yard Goat Images
206D The Great Gathering at Owosso Yard Goat Images
207D Vintage Diesels: Three Minnesota Photo Charters Yard Goat Images
208D DCC Programming, Vol. 1 Kalmbach
209D Classic Trains - Galesburg & Cameron, IL 1967-1976 C Vision Productions
210D Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in the 1950's C Vision Productions
211D Midwest Regionals in the 1980's and 1990's C Vision Productions
212D Promontory - Utah's Greatest Moment in RR History Topics Entertainment
213D Great Model Railroads, Volume 19 Allen Keller Productions
214D Model Railroader Video Layout Tour #2 Kalmbach Video
215D The Green Bay Route Pentrex
216D 261 - The Power of the Milwaukee Road Goodheart
217D Rehab My Railroad, Vol. 1 Kalmbach
218D Rehab My Railroad, Vol. 2 Kalmbach
219D Rehab My Railroad, Vol. 3 Kalmbach
220D Laying and Wiring Track Kalmbach
221D Building Frame Benchwork start to finish Kalmbach
222D Mastering Scenery Basics: Foam Hills Realistic Rocks Kalmbach
223D Mastering Scenery Basics: Backdrops Kalmbach
224D Mastering Scenery Basics: Model a river scene Kalmbach
225D DCC Programming, Vol. 2 Kalmbach
226D Mastering Scenery Basics: Rugged Mountain Scenery Kalmbach
227D Building L Girder Benchwork Kalmbach
228D Bakken Oil Cans & Other Trains, Vol. 1 Plets Express
229D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 1 Hopewell Productions
230D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 Allen Keller Productions
231D Great Model Railroads, Vol. 5 Allen Keller Productions
232D Great Model Railroads, Vo. 7 Allen Keller Productions
233D The Wisconsin Central Pentrex
234D Sierra Pacific Lines Pentrex
235D Extra 6706 West East End Productions
236D Mail by Rail - An Inside Look at the Railway Post Office Revelation Video
237D Coal Trains of the Powder River Basin 7idea Productions
238D Celebrity Train Layouts - Sinatra, Snyder, Patinkin (3) TM Books & Video
239D Lionel the Movie - Parts I, II, III (3) TM Books & Video
240D Building an O Gauge Layout TM Books & Video
241D Building an HO Layout TM Books & Video
242D Union Pacific Scrapbook Charles Smiley Presents
243D Santa Fe - Vintage West Charles Smiley Presents
244D CSX Scrapbook Charles Smiley Presents
245D Tehachapi - SP and Santa Fe Era Charles Smiley Presents
246D 20th Century Limited Kalmbach
247D Milwaukee Road West Charles Smiley Presents
248D America's Railroad - Tracks Through Time D&SNG Railroad Museum
249D Niagaras & Mohawks Sunday River Productions
250D Santa Fe 3751 - Steam to the South Rim Steam Train Videos
251D 1940's 50's Steam & Streamliners Main Line Motin Pictures
252D Baltimore and Ohio Sunday River Productions
253D The Powhatan Arrow and J Class Steam Sunday River Productions
254D Nickel Plate Road 765 - Berkshire in the Alleghenies Steam Train Videos
255D Historic Hot Spots - Southern California Pentrex
256D Steaming Through the Deep South Sunday River Productions
257D Santa Fe Red Warbonnets and Other Delights Main Line Motin Pictures
258D Union Pacific 844 - South to the Southwest Main Line Motin Pictures
259D Western Steam in 1940 Main Line Motin Pictures
260D Rayonier #2 - A Willamette Lives Again Pictures & Words Productions
261D Steam on the Mountain Robinson & Associates
262D The SP Daylights: As They Were Sunday River Productions
263D More of the Chiefs of the Santa Fe A & R Productions
264D Complete Nickel Plate Berkshires Sunday River Productions
265D Otto Perry's Rio Grande Articulated Sunday River Productions
266D Dream, Plan, Build - Vol. 22 Kalmbach Video
267D Dream, Plan, Build - Expanding Your Model RR, Pt. 1 Kalmbach Video
268D Dream, Plan, Build - Expanding Your Model RR, Pt. 2 Kalmbach Video
269D Dream, Plan, Build - Cascade Crossing Kalmbach Video
270D Trains Magazine DVD Series - Mojave Mainline Kalmbach Video
271D Trains Magazine DVD Series - The Engineers Kalmbach Video
272D Trains Magazine DVD Series - Pullman Palace Cars Kalmbach Video
273D Trains Magazine DVD Series - Grand Central Kalmbach Video
274D Trains Magazine DVD Series - Wabash Cannon Ball Kalmbach Video
275D Trains - America by Rail (6 disk set) Topics Entertainment
276D Trains - Wide World of Steam (6 disk set) Topics Entertainment
277D Railway Journeys - Vanishing Age of Steam (5 disk set) Madacy Entertainment
278D Heavy Hauls - Big trains, tons of freight Kalmbach
279D Mastering Scenery Basics: Water Projects Kalmbach
280D Great Structures, Vol. 1 - Building Basics Kalmbach
281D Great Structures, Vol. 2 - Learn to Kitbash Kalmbach
282D Great Weathering Techniques, Vol. 1 Kalmbach
283D Mastering Scenery Basics: Realistic Grass Kalmbach
284D MR Video Plus Layout Tours, Vol. 1 Kalmbach
285D Drew's Trackside Adventures, Vol. 1 Kalmbach
286D Drew's Trackside Adventures, Vol. 2 Kalmbach
287D Drew's Trackside Adventures, Vol. 3 Kalmbach
288D Drew's Trackside Adventures, Vol. 4 Kalmbach
289D Chicago - America's Railroad Capital Kalmbach
290D Quick Tips for Every Modeler Model Railroad Academy
291D Terrific Tools and Tips Model Railroad Academy
292D Easy to Make Backdrops Model Railroad Academy
293D Best Tips of Great Model Railroads Model Railroad Academy
294D Adding Visual Interest to Flatlands Model Railroad Academy
295D Painting Backdrops Model Railroad Academy
296D Installing DCC from Start to Finish Model Railroad Academy
297D Paper to Plywood and Decaling Model Railroad Academy
298D Roadbed, Track and Turnout Techniques Model Railroad Academy
299D Weathering, Wiring and Modeling Tools Model Railroad Academy
300D Top Wiring Techniques Model Railroad Academy
301D California Zephyr - Silver Thread through the West Kalmbach
302D Super Chief - Speed, Style, Service Kalmbach
303D Daylight - The most beautiful train in the world Kalmbach
304D America & the passenger train Kalmbach
305D Dome Car Magic - A history of railroad dome cars Kalmbach
306D Grand Central - An American Treasure Kalmbach
307D Detailing Large Scale Plastic Rolling Stock Digital Video Images
308D Milwaukee Road West Charles Smiley Presents
309D The Milwaukee Road - Volume 2, Harlowton to Butte Pentrex
310D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 22 Allen Keller Productions
311D Recent Changes 1950-Present TMERT&HS
312D Over the Years: An Overview 1890-Present TMERT&HS
313D John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid Sunday River Productions
314D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 3 Hopewell Productions, Inc.
315D Weathering Railroad Models With Malcolm Furlow Kalmbach
316D Chicago & Northwestern Powder River Coal, Vol. 1 Casey Jones Video Productions
317D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 43 Allen Keller Productions
318D Model Railroad Scenery Made Easy Kalmbach
319D Airbrushing with Acrylic Paints Kalmbach
320D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 4 Hopewell Productions, Inc.
321D Big Trains, Little Trains Sandbox Home Videos
322D Milwaukee Transit "1890-1920" Program #2 TMERT&HS
323D Milwaukee Road #261 - Rebuilt to Run Pentrex
324D Train Adventures for Kids Goldhill Video
325D The Green Bay and Western Backtrack Videos
326D Trains on Location - Heart of the Wisconsin Central Kalmbach
327D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 30 Allen Keller Productions
328D On the Old Milwaukee Road Herron Video Rail
329D Model Railroader Video Layout Tour #1 Kalmbach
330D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 14 Allen Keller Productions
331D The Rio Grande Southern - Modeling the Prototype Green Frog Productions
332D Painting Backdrops Green Frog Productions
333D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 21 Allen Keller Productions
334D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 29 Allen Keller Productions
335D Selling Sunshine - The Florida Trains Kalmbach
336D 611 in Steam Kalmbach
337D Big Steam is Back Kalmbach
338D MR Video Plus Layout Tours, Vol. 3 Kalmbach
339D Taking Care of Business, Vol. 1 Kalmbach
340D Mastering Scenery Basics: Backdrops, Vol. 2 Kalmbach
341D Install a DCC System Kalmbach
342D The North Shore Line in Winter Mark I Video
343D Great Model Railroads – Vol. 20 Allen Keller Productions
344D Painting Model Structures The Trackside Modeler
345D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 15 Allen Keller Productions
346D Chicago & Northwestern Mainline West, Vol. 1 Railway Productions
347D Chicago & Northwestern Mainline West, Vol. 2 Railway Productions
348D The Milwaukee's Mighty Electrics WB Video Productions
349D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 6 Allen Keller Productions
350D Buliding Model Railroad Scenery with the Experts Kalmbach
351D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 9 Allen Keller Productions
352D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 8 Allen Keller Productions
353D Building Model Railroad Wood Structures Kalmbach
354D Milwaukee Memories – CMStP&P Action 1960's-1970's Milwaukee “N” Southeastern Ltd.
355D Model Railroader Video Layout Tour #3 Kalmbach
356D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 16 Allen Keller Productions
357D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 17 Allen Keller Productions
358D Centuries of the North Woods East End Productions
359D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 12 Allen Keller Productions
360D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 13 Allen Keller Productions
361D Milwaukee City Streetcars GPS Video
362D Love that Shay! Digital Video Images
363D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 36 Allen Keller Productions
364D SubTerrain: A How-To Video Woodland Scenics
365D Finishing Your Scenery The Trackside Modeler
366D Modifying the Bachmann Shay Digital Video Images
367D Rocks and Basic Scenery The Trackside Modeler
368D Great American Circus & Show Trains Pentrex
369D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 38 Allen Keller Productions
370D Modifying and Scratch Building Large Scale Figures Digital Video Images
371D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 40 Allen Keller Productions
372D Trains on Location - Heart of the Wisconsin Central Kalmbach
373D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 33 Allen Keller Productions
374D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 34 Allen Keller Productions
375D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 27 Allen Keller Productions
376D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 24 Allen Keller Productions
377D Chicago & Northwestern - Left Hand Railroad Herron Rail Video
378D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 28 Allen Keller Productions
379D Workin' on the Railroad Pentrex
380D Logging Railroads – Modeling the Prototype Green Frog
381D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 35 Allen Keller Productions
382D Wisconsin Central 1997 – Vol. 1 Big “E” Productions
383D Wisconsin Central 1997 – Vol. 2 Big “E” Productions
384D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 39 Allen Keller Productions
385D Train Wrecks, Crashes & Disasters – Vol. 1 Video Rails
386D Milwaukee Transit “1920-1950”, Program #3
387D No. 261 – Rebuilding a 4-8-4 Goodheart
388D Old Milwaukee on the New River Gorge American AltaVista
389D The Milwaukee Road - Volume 1, Electric Power Pentrex
390D Rapid Transit in Milwaukee TMERT&HS
391D The 400 Route Revisited Backtrack Videos
392D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 31 Allen Keller Productions
393D Union Pacific C&NW Milwaukee Sub – 1996 Midwest Video Productions
394D Union Pacific C&NW Geneva Sub – Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions
395D Union Pacific C&NW Geneva Sub – Vol. 2 Midwest Video Productions
396D Wisconsin Central Ltd. 1996 Midwest Video Productions
397D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 26 Allen Keller Productions
398D Into the 90's Soo Vol. 3 – Kansas City & Louisville Clear Block Productions
399D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 25 Allen Keller Productions
400D The Milwaukee Road - Volume 3, Rocky Mtn. Div. Pentrex
401D C&NW The Cowboy Lines Vol. 2 “Remembering” C Vision Productions
402D Trains Along the Upper Mississippi, Vol. 1 – CP Pentrex
403D C&NW The Cowboy Lines C Vision Productions
404D Milwaukee Traction Railroad Video Productions
405D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 32 Allen Keller Productions
406D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 1, Tape 1 Pentrex
407D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 1, Tape 2 Pentrex
408D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 2, Tape 1 Pentrex
409D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 2, Tape 2 Pentrex
410D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 3, Tape 1 Pentrex
411D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 3, Tape 2 Pentrex
412D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 4, Tape 1 Pentrex
413D Tracks Ahead – Vol. 4, Tape 2 Pentrex
414D Styrene The Ideas, Tips & Techniques of Dean Freytag Locomotive Productions
415D The Basics of Model Railroad Wiring Kalmbach
416D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 46 Allen Keller Productions
417D Building your first model railroad World's Greatest Hobby
418D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 44 Allen Keller Productions
419D The North Shore Line in the 1940's Mark I Video
420D The North Shore Line in the 1960's Mark I Video
421D Midwest Traction, Vol. II Mark I Video
422D Building a basic garden railroad Garden Trains Association
423D Prairie Rails Herron Rail Video
424D Look What's Growing In The Garden H & R Trains
425D Back to the 50's at Aberfoyle Junction Aberfoyle Junction Model Railway
426D San Diego Model Railroad Museum Pentrex
427D Great Outdoor Railways Pentrex
428D Virginian & Ohio – Afton Division Finale Pentrex
429D North Shore Line GPS Video
430D Powder River Basin Coal Trains Pentrex
431D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 47 Allen Keller Productions
432D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 41 Allen Keller Productions
433D The Last Days of the North Shore Line Milwaukee Road Historical Assn.
434D Great Model Railroads - Vol. 42 Allen Keller Productions
435D Trains Hot Spots - Chicago's Racetrack Kalmbach
436D Trains Hot Spots - Horseshoe Curve Kalmbach
437D Trains Hot Spots - Wisconsin's Speedway Kalmbach
438D Trains Hot Spots - Intermodal Kalmbach
439D Trains Hot Spots - Joint Line Kalmbach
440D Trains Hot Spots - Tehachapi Kalmbach
441D Trains - Rio Grande Freight Trains Kalmbach
442D Airbrushing Techniques: Getting Started Kalmbach
443D Midwest Electric Rails Charles Smiley Presents
444D Journey to Promontory Kalmbach
445D Iowa, Chicago & Eastern - Coolest Railroad on Earth C Vision Productions
446D Locomotion - The Amazing World of Trains (2 disks) History Channel
447D Skookum Lives - The Lazarus Locomotive in Action Kalmbach
448D Big Boy - Back in Steam Kalmbach
449D Great American Scenic Railroads (6 disks) Questar Entertainment
450D Monster Steam (4 disks) Topics Entertainment
451D The C&NWHS 2003 Annual Meet DVD White River Productions
452D Union Pacific Big Boy Collection Pentrex
453D Big Boy Combo DVD, Part 1 Pentrex
454D Big Boy Combo DVD, Part 2 Pentrex
455D Donner Combo DVD Pentrex
456D Cab Ride Through the Rockies - Part 1 Railway Productions
457D Cab Ride Through the Rockies - Part 2 Railway Productions
458D Cab Ride Through the Rockies - Part 3 Railway Productions
459D The Ultimate Railroads Collection   (6 disks) St. Clair Vision
460D Railway Journeys - Vanishing Age of Steam (5 disks) Madacy Entertainment
461D Model Railroad Operation, Vol. 1: Running a Freight RR Kalmbach
462D Model Railroad Tech: 3D printing basics Kalmbach
463D Easy Realistic Model Railroad Photography Kalmbach

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