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WISEop 2017


WISEop 2017
Friday, April 21, 2017, 7:00 pm - Saturday, April 22, 2017, 9:00 pm
Southeast, Wisconsin
Upcoming NMRA WISE Division Meet


WISE Division Operating Day (WISEop) 2017

The What:

WISE Division Operating Day (WISEop) 2017 on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, is sponsored by the Wisconsin Southeastern (WISE) Division of the NMRA. It is an opportunity to spend a day, or part of one, operating on model railroads in southeastern Wisconsin that you may not have had the chance to operate before.

Whether you consider yourself a novice or expert operator, with new crews on each layout almost everyone is a newbie at these sessions. In short, it is a great opportunity to experience operation on some unique layouts and an educational opportunity for what operating systems, and even layout design, may or may not work on your own model railroad.

WISEop 2017 is in memory of long-time participant and layout host, Don Cook, who lost his battle with cancer on December 19. He will be greatly missed.

As this is a WISE Division event, NMRA members will get to register for five days before non-members.You will need to provide your NMRA number in the registration form to get in as an NMRA member. Registration is free.

The WISEop 2017 site is located here. It contains more details and eventually the registration form link. At the bottom you'll find some phot albums from past events to see what you missed (or maybe what you did).

You can head over to our Facebook event page and follow along as the developments occur.

The Who (and The Where too - though that will be shared once all the spots have been finalized):

We have 16 layouts for this year's event. They include three N scale layouts (a new record), two O scale layouts and three club layouts. They are as follows:
- Ashland, Superior & Pacific (HO)
- BN Peoria Subdivision (HO)
- Cedar Creek Central Club (HO)
- C&NW Lakeshore Division (HO)
- Four Corners & Four Lakes (N)
- LA Junction: (HO)
- Lionelville & Western (O)
- METRO club (HO)
- Midwest Lines (HO)
- Missable Junction (N) New!
- NAPM club (HO)
- Norfolk & Whey (HO)
- Tehachapi Pass (N)
- Timber River Railway (HO)
- Tomah, Portage & Mauston (HO)
- Trap & Garnet Ridge (O)

Contact information

Joe Russ (2019)


Southeast Wisconsin
United States


These are events that are held around our Division. Checkout the event page itself for more information as to whats happening.

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